Cooking Guide: Keep Your Heart in a Good Shape

It is really important to be mindful of what kind of food you are eating. In this modern time, heart disease in both men and women are increasing. Be sure you’re eating the right food in your diet to prevent developing diseases such as heart disease. Following the tips below will surely keep your heart in a good shape.


Keeping Your Diet Good For Your Heart

Low-fat cooking – You can easily cut down fat through boiling, steaming, roasting and grilling food, instead of the usual frying. If you want to fry foods, try to use non-stick pans or cooking spray instead of oil.

Fat certainly adds flavor to the food, but you can also find alternatives such as using fresh herbs, spices, and seasonings. Onions and garlic are also flavorful when you add them together with meat and vegetables. Try also adding lemon juice for steam veggies and broiled fish fillets. Pepper is also great as a seasoning for chicken.


Lean -cut meats – There’s no doubt that meat is packed with proteins that help you stay full longer and also a mood booster. However, meat also comes with cholesterol, try cutting it by choosing only lean-cut of meat.

Choose round cuts, sirloin, chunk, and tenderloin when choosing for beef.

Choose white breast for poultry and if you want to add flavor, buy it together with the bones to cook it together.

Choose lean types of pork such as center loin chops and pork loin.



Adding a lot of veggies and fruits – Try to add fresh fruits and veggies every time you cook a meal. Fruits and vegetables not only keeps your heart healthy but also gives added nutrition to your overall health. Eating veggies and fruits also gives you a more alert feel and makes you stay focused. In addition, fresh fruits can be a great dessert after meals and vegetables can be added during breakfast – in sandwiches or mixed together as a salad.

You can also make vegetables and fruits as snacks whenever you want to grab one when watching your favorite TV show. Definitely better than popcorn and ice cream.


Knowing the right meals to cook can definitely change your overall health, not only does eating healthy protect your heart from diseases, it can also be a way to create a more stress-free lifestyle. In addition, if you have children at home, you can teach them in a young age how important it is to eat healthy in their daily lives – until the day they became adults.