Cholesterol Reducing Foods

Very few people know that the liver is the only organ in the body that functions solely for the purpose of metabolizing cholesterol. For this reason, when we consume any cholesterol-laden foods, we must realize that it will not only affect our liver directly but affect every organ indirectly. Moreover, an eight-ounce glass of wine contains about twice the amount of cholesterol of a thirty-five-ounce glass of unfiltered water. For the average person, two to three glasses of wine a day are more than enough.

Sinceglycoproteinsare cholesterol in its simplest, natural form, human beings are able to externally absorb and increase their level of cholesterol by eating whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes. For persons susceptible to having abnormally high cholesterol levels, however, the consumption of Tylenol and plant sterols can decrease the cholesterol readings.

Cholesterol alters the cellular membrane fluidity, causing it to become hard and rigid. When the cell membrane fluidity becomes impairing, the transmission of nerve signals also slows down. It then becomes much harder for the cell to maintain its fluidity and flexibility. Too much cholesterol can also kill certain cells lining the inside of the blood vessels. When this occurs, the walls of the blood vessels thicken and harden, and when the supply of blood to the vessels becomes restricted, you may experience cardiovascular problems eventually leading to a stroke or a heart attack.

Organism comes in contact with high cholesterol often, though. You might have heard or seen the term “heart attack insurance”. This refers to the fact that cholesterol can pay a visit to your heart either before or after its natural course has begun. A person’s chance of acquiring a heart ailment is made more likely by the number of cholesterol building up in the arteries of the body since the vessels are found to be made up mostly of cholesterol.

Just like the blood vessels, the liver is susceptible to the cholesterol requirements of our body. The functions of the liver to process and maintain the cholesterol content of our blood are mainly directed towards the reduction of excess cholesterol readings in our blood. The liver also consists of a number of glands, which excessively produce cholesterol in the body.

It is obvious from our readings that the liver is very influential in our ailments. It is for this reason that my suggestion is always to steer clear of foods and drinks that will put your liver in a tizzy. A few of these cholesterol-reducing foods and drinks are provided below.


Carrying excess cholesterol in their bodies, even normal water has an adverse effect on the cholesterol of our blood. Certain beverages such as coffee, black tea, and soft drinks are not advisable to be sipped in the presence of a meal. The same goes for alcoholic and caffeinated drinks. Whenever you think you are hot, stick to peppermint tea and anxious mustard.


Obviously, high cholesterol-containing food, eggs have been found to be extremely risky. To put it mildly, the yolk of the egg is high in cholesterol and should be avoided, or eaten in very small quantities. It is perfectly safe to eat two or three egg whites a day, or the normal size of a boiled egg.

Processed meat

For the reason that they are processed in enormous factories, highly colored and teeming with cholesterol, and fed on preservatives and other dyes; meat products are considered to be among the strongest and most dangerous foods that a person can eat. Eating less meat and more carbohydrates is one surefire way to reduce cholesterol levels.


Every day, many of us wonder how cheese became so unhealthy. Was it some covert operation cheddar cheese lovers to mess with our bloodstream? Never mind the facts. Go ahead and eat cheese. It’s up to you to take the consequences.

But what about the butter? Well, actually, butter is not cholesterol-free. Your body needs the fat for energy and synthetic substances to make it function normally. Too much excessive saturated fat leads to the destruction of cholesterol in your tissues.

Butter is safe if you only eat the saturated kind. You can do this by selecting lean meats, low-fat dairy products, and unsaturated vegetable oils.

If you want to make your own cheese, you are in luck. Commercial processing puts the saturated fat right back into the compound, making cheese with saturated fat less healthy than niacin-rich non-fat cheese.

Fast food

You don’t have time to cook? Too bad. Here’s a wish list of Free Money Mac meals on fast food in your neighborhood: eves fried chicken, sensible ranch, bacon cheddar, any blackened fish, and all the iced sweets.